school of fieldwork

Mictert is the only company in South Africa to offer a comprehensive, in-house fieldwork course for its fieldworkers, through its School of Fieldwork.

Mictert project managers as well as research practitioners who are involved in fieldwork on a daily basis, ensure School of Fieldwork students are totally au fait with the best fieldwork practice before entering the field.

We teach our fieldworkers:

  • The background to fieldwork, such as what is important in an interview, and how a research questionnaire is set up.
  • The intricacies of in-depth interviewing and moderating, and telephonic interviewing techniques.
  • How to use devices in the field.
  • Transcribing, coding and respondent recruiting, as well as sampling, with concepts such as working with intervals and substitution being thoroughly discussed.
  • Techniques to overcome the potential barriers which fieldworkers often face in the field.

Then follows the practical element of the course, where fieldworkers participate in a live project. They then write an exam, which they must pass with 60% in order to join our exclusive team of fieldworkers.

  • The benefits of a well-trained field force
  • Decrease in churn
  • Improved interface between clients and fieldworkers
  • Accurate and efficient fieldwork you can rely upon