our team

Vusi Makhathini, CEO

Founder and CEO Vusi Makhathini has been in the marketing research field for over 20 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience of fieldwork, with a dedication to fieldwork that is well known in the industry.

As chair of SAMRA’s fieldwork portfolio in the early 2000s, he was amongst the first to encourage the industry body to allow fieldworkers to join its ranks. His contribution to fieldwork and marketing research was acknowledged when Vusi was awarded the Emergent Marketing Researcher of the Year award at the first SAMRA Janus Awards (2000) for marketing research excellence.

He has a BA degree in industrial psychology and communications.

Thami Nkosi, Research Executive

Part of the original founding team of Mictert, Thami Nkosi oversees all projects to ensure that a high quality and standard of work is produced.

He handles the often staggering logistics of fieldwork projects, consulting and working closely with clients on project requirements, timescales and budgets to ensure the best results. He also monitors work progress and writes field reports, amongst other duties.

Bongani Makhathini, Senior Project Manager

After joining the Mictert School of Fieldwork and showing great potential as a fieldworker, Bongani Makhathini rose through the ranks, from fieldwork supervisor to his current position of senior project manager.

Bongani co- ordinates research projects from start to finish and ensures that the fieldworkers are in the field when and where they are needed. He also manages the Mictert School of Fieldwork.




Heather Langa, Financial Director

Although Heather Langa has tried her hand at fieldwork, her true love is accounting. She joined Mictert as financial director in 1997. Holding a BCom qualification, her knowledge of accounting, economics, business economics, industrial psychology and commercial law stands her in good stead as the controller of Mictert’s finances.



Our fieldworkers

Our fieldwork numbers 200 fieldworkers who work exclusively for us, which is unique in the research industry where fieldworkers are traditionally freelancers.

Our fieldworkers hail from all major centres around South Africa, allowing us to conduct fieldwork across the country on very short notice.

Before entering the field, all our fieldworkers complete our comprehensive, in-house fieldwork course through our School of Fieldwork