We conduct both face-to-face and telephonic interviews for both qualitative and quantitative studies, in both the business-to-business and business-t0-consumer environments.

We use CAPI (computer-assisted personal interviews) and CATI (computer-assisted telephonic interviews) technology, although if clients require it, we are equally at home conducting ‘old school’ paper-based interviews.

Our exclusive team of trained fieldworkers allows us to handle studies of up to 5 000 face-to-face interviews. When interviewing telephonically, we can do far larger studies.

Our field force employs the latest technology when conducting interviews. This allows for real-time reporting, improved data quality, and better randomisation of questions within larger studies.


Data from Mictert is reliable, accurate, and of the highest quality. This is because:

  • All our fieldworkers have graduated from Mictert’s School of Fieldwork, and so have advanced communication skills and understand the elements of good research.
  • All fieldworkers are fully briefed about the project before going into the field.
  • All fieldworkers are well supervised by experienced supervisors.
  • We make use of Reliability Checkbacks, back-checking 25% of all completed questionnaires. This is done by the project supervisor, either telephonically, or, in areas without communication links, by returning to the field.